Physical Therapist

I would like to share with you how Craniosacral Therapy has taught me so much about myself, my health and relationships - not only by being treated, but also by treating my clients with Craniosacral Therapy. 

For many years,  I struggled through my own personal challenges with my identity, trying very hard to be loved.  It wasn't until after many years of being unhappy in a relationship that I truly learned to trust and connect with my "intuition", my "inner wisdom", or was it the voice of God? Since that significant moment, even though life got more complicated, I felt a peace and strength that helped me through those tough moments. What has this got to do with Craniosacral therapy you may ask? It's got to do with being present with your true self, to be kind. loving, and respectful with yourself when everything around you seem to crumble out of your control along with your health. I learned to listen to my body, and rest when I need it, and not push it to its limits, or I will feel the repercussions. I learned that stress, worry, resentment and all those other emotions that we often store in our minds are also stored in our bodies when it doesn't have anywhere else to go. And this is the heart of Craniosacral Therapy..... learning to listen to our "inner wisdom" when we feel pain, or "tightness" or when we start getting stomach issues because we are so stressed out at work?